Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my mother

my mother went to the cape to visit my aunt AND didn't tell anyone.
i thought i was on the poo list and i told her about it yesterday when she called me to go grocery shopping and when i brought her home after shopping and mc donalds her treat i reminded her that she should tell her daughters where she is going.she say anything but i don't think she liked
it. and now my children my four legged children.
jack is a 3 year old cockerspaniel black with a little bit of white and weighs 24 pounds loves attention and is spiled rotten and he loves the snow.
prince 6 years old we 've had him about 6 months now he is 30 pounds likes attention very nervous but hes a good boy and he is a puggle he's not to sure about the snow don't know why.
and then comes george he's 27 and on his own writes to mom once in a whileand along comes dylan he's haveing issues but he will be ok.
and along cames sara my teenage girl who thinke she knows everything she's daddy's peanut
and my witch with horns.
and the last but not least my love he drives me crazy but i love him
he always calling me from work and then nothing gets accomplished around the house.

Friday, January 20, 2012


well just thought i would share what i have done today.
been up sense 4:00 a.m took jack and prince out to go potty and cleaned
my loves truck and my SUV made his lunch and his breakfast.
got Sara up for school had to take her she missed the bus
and she blamed it on me
washed the dishes went to g lopes and then bank and home.
making appointment for family counselling should be fun,I'm sure somebody will come out crying and someone else will come out in shock.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

my goals for 2012 so far sstay tuned

1. for me to keep going to counselling every week.
2. to start telling everyone the way it is.
3. finish painting my house the colors i want not what other people want.
4.visit my mother more.
5.find a job.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

welcome to my family i hope every one has a great time reading my blog.